Havroota is a new online platform for teachers around the world.
If you join Havroota as a teacher, you will be one of the first contributors, and because of this we will give you special terms.
You will get more exposure than other experts.
You will get a special rank mentioning you are one of the first experts.
And we will promote you as a teacher in our platform.

Why join Havroota?

Havroota in aramaic literally translates to ‘companionship’. The term is used to describe a partnership where knowledge is analyzed, discussed and shared.
Once you join as an expert anyone is able to book with you a Havroota session.
As the expert teacher you will be able to provide your vast knowledge through online video conferencing with the user.

What makes this platform unique?

Knowing you will have not just a messaging conversation, or phone call, you will receive a live video expert/user conference.

How do we trust our teachers?

It is so easy to bend the truth these days.
A live video is a great representation of the truth.
Not only does the expert have to be on live video as a conference user.
But also has to have the qualifications and credentials to support his/her expertise in their area.

Why is this valuable?

A live video allows you to be exposed to knowledge that is interpersonal.
There is no exchange for human beings. This interactive live video shows the values that the Hevruta community holds.

How do I get bookings?

Havroota co. has decided that the first 1000 experts are going to receive free exposure for the first three months. We can’t guarantee you will receive bookings but we can guarantee to do our best to expose you to as many people as possible. The best way to advance your expertise and attract students to your booking page is to expand your about me page. We highly recommend applying a personal video in order to expose yourself as an expert.

If I am looking for a teacher, why would I join Havroota?

This is the platform for receiving expertise in any area. In Havroota you will find the most valued, professional, and varied range of experts in any online platform in the best price ranges.

How can I trust the teachers?

For every teacher there is a profile on their expertise. A short video showing their expertise is a great sign of understanding the field. You are welcome to review their profiles and decide for yourself. If you're interested in someone specific but are unsure if you would like to complete the booking you are welcome to send them a private message through their profile page.

So how do I join as a teacher in Havroota?

1. First of all, sign up here:

2. Now click on "dashboard" in the menu:

3. Click on "Add New" to add yourself as an expert:

4. Now fill the form with info about you(title,description,image,video,price)

5. Now you can see your page and share it with friends:

How do I book a teacher?

1. Go to the teacher page

2. Click on "Book a lesson"

3. Schedule a time

4. Choose a date and click on it:

5. Choose hour and click "save booking"

6. Now checkout by paypal or by credit card

6. After you booked, you can see your lesson in "student dashboard"

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